It is a challenging time for organisations. The need to adapt to a continually changing economic environment may require a change in direction, restructuring, and the development of employees’ skills in order to maintain or increase an organisation’s competitive advantage.

There is an opportunity to give employees what they want AND what you need...

Help is available to support your organisation and your employees through developing a solid career development programme.

Career Development

“Career development opportunities provide an important answer….Career development not only builds skills and capacities that can help organisations achieve their strategic goals, but also addresses the motivators driving employees to put their skills and capacities to optimal use…
By equipping employees to find greater challenge and meaning in their work, career development promotes engagement and enhances the performance of the individual and the organisation alike” 1

Solid Career Development Programmes For Employees And Staff Provide A Win – Win Solution - they should be an essential part of your business/ organisation development programme.

Ways In Which Career Clinic Can Help You

Career Clinic specialists are experienced in providing a range of career development services for organisations and individuals. We can:

  • Help you conduct a skills and needs audit so you can develop an effective career development programme
  • Work with you to develop and action this programme
  • Work alongside employees and managers to develop individual career development programmes
  • Train managers in the essentials of effective career development discussions
  • Undertake regular reviews of your career development programmes
  • Help to identify key people for your succession plan and put a plan in place to ensure that they are developed for the key positions of the organisation

This career development programme will also:

  • Help motivate staff, demonstrating that the organisation invests in its staff as well as the staff being able to identify a career path within the organisation with a clear steps to getting there
  • Allow staff to move who may not fit in with the change of direction or identify their best option is external to the organisation.

For support tailored to your needs, contact Career Clinic or phone to talk to one of our specialists

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Career Clinic have experienced career and change managers who will provide tailored support, either through one to one sessions or workshops, to ensure that the specific and varied needs of the organisation and staff are met.