It takes a considerable amount of courage to explore and reflect on who you are as a 'mover and shaker', in order to be more effective in current and future roles. The Career Clinic Executive programme gives you the opportunity to do just that. With several levels of engagement available, taking you from Personal Branding, Profiling, CV Development, to Interview Training and coaching through the process, you can choose the level of investment and timeframe that best suits your aspirations.

Successful career development to senior levels is about developing an in-depth understanding of yourself, in order to articulate an authentic personal brand. The process then becomes one of learning how and where to effectively market yourself through all available channels.Executive Strategy & Development

What We Do

A new range of skills and thinking are essential for success in a global marketplace facing an unpredictable future. The Career Clinic focus is on providing you with opportunities to understand yourself better so that you can be more effective in current and future roles. Our current programmes will do just that. With this knowledge, you can become more effective in your current position, and in the future begin to target roles that are a better fit for who you are. We aim to make every coaching session a unique experience with a strong focus on delivering outcomes to meet your career objectives. We can tailor a program me to meet your needs.

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Career Clinic consultants are career specialists so they are well equipped to help you plan and develop the career that you want.