Do you:

  • Have a job interview coming up?
  • Want to know what to expect?
  • Need to practice answering those difficult questions?

Most people feel nervous about job interviews because they don't know what to expect. This is normal. The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful job interview comes down to preparation. You can never over-prepare, but it is important that you do the right kind of preparation so that you do well in the actual interview.Interview

At Career Clinic, we will help you maximise your performance in a job interview by coaching you in four key areas:

Preparation - The person who is hired is most often the one who is best prepared. With this in mind, we will take you through a thorough preparation with guidelines to follow so you have a better chance of success.

Presentation- You will learn how to effectively manage the non-verbal aspects of an interview. You will also be taught about the kind of questions you could expect to be asked, and coached in how to answer these in ways that allow you to communicate your competencies and experience in a confident manner.

Practice - The more that you practice, the easier the interview will go. Your coaching session will provide you with an opportunity to practice the things you have learnt, and receive immediate feedback.

Follow Up - You will find out the 'all important' procedure to follow after your job interview.

Contact the Career Clinic for help with your job interview preparation

Your job interview training session with a Career Clinic specialist will help you feel more confident going into a job interview and give you the tools you need to give it your best shot!