Change is difficult for both organisations and staff, particularly when it involves redundancies. It is difficult for managers who want to achieve particular business objectives. And it is also difficult for staff who often feel a loss of control over the changes and their careers.

This support may include:

  • Coaching the manager in how to effectively oversee the outplacement process whilst supporting their staff and maintaining morale
  • Offering support during the announcement5
  • Workshops or one to one programmes covering:

Support in Facing Transitions

  • Support, coaching and education in how to successfully face transitions
  • Development of coping mechanisms and how to effectively move forward

Career Insight

  • Exploration of skills, personality and interests
  • Examination of career to date
  • Identifying the ideal work environment
  • Developing an action plan

Curriculum Vitae

  • Assessing current CV  & coaching in how to write a winning CV

Career Action

  • Gain an understanding of the current job market
  • Coaching in how to be creative in tackling the job hunt

Interview Techniques

  • Coaching in how to effectively sell yourself at the interview
  • Preparation for answering those difficult questions

For support tailored to your needs, contact Career Clinic and talk to one of our specialists

Career Clinic provides support for both managers and staff affected by restructuring