We are committed to adding value to your business or organisation by educating and motivating your team, whether you are:

  • Bringing new team members on board
  • Moving forward with your best
  • Helping individuals depart

When Is Coaching Needed?

  • An employee is uncertain that the organisation can provide what they think they want
  • Employees have no clear career management strategies
  • An employee may not be performing as well as expected, and change is needed
  • Employees are uncertain about their training needs
  • Internal issues may be affecting employee performance
  • Role alignment may be unclear
  • Employee retention is important

Sometimes, the best solution can be to bring in external help

Career Clinic offers a variety of workplace coaching services for employees. Because our specialists operate externally to the organisation, employees can feel confident that coaching sessions will be provided by someone who is neutral, and all discussions will be treated as confidential.Workplace Coaching

What Happens?

A career evaluation process will be undertaken to determine the specific workplace requirements, and a programme will be designed to provide the most effective input. We customise our services to provide unique solutions to your workplace coaching needs.

Why Us

Career Clinic specialists have extensive experience in the career industry across a range of areas. Our understanding of the marketplace and successful history working with a range of clients means that we can offer you the type of coaching that best fits your requirements.

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  • Coaching is essentially a conversation
  • Coaching is about learning (yet a coach is not a teacher)
  • Coaching is more about providing the right questions than providing answers
  • Coaching is about change and transformation
  • Coaching is about reinventing oneself
  • Coaching also operates on an emotional plane

From  "The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work" (Zeus & Skiffington, 2000).